Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Big Girl (tear)

Well, my daughter has crossed two more milestones off her list in the last two weeks or so.
Potty training is going stupendously. She has had a dry pull-up for the last three days (not at night yet) and she goes potty now almost every time we put her on it. It's like this weekend, it just clicked. Except now, almost every time she "goes," she says "I want M&Ms in my mouth!" Judge all you want. It works.
We have been talking about getting her in a big kid bed for a while, but I wanted to keep her "confined" to a crib as long as I could. We borrowed a gate from my sister in law to go across her bathroom opening, but it wasn't long enough, and I just haven't gone shopping to find one that is. Within the last month, we've noticed that Avery is too long to fit in the pack n plays anymore, so I know that if she is ever going to spend the night at her Gigi's again, she is going to have to start sleeping in a big kid bed. Since we have a convertible crib, where the side comes off to make it a toddler bed, last night I had the thought that the side might work great as a gate for the bathroom. And you know what? It works great!

Looks alot better than a baby gate, too. We secured it to the wall, so it's awesome!
I don't think Avery realized what all the hub-bub was about last night, she just knew she could get into her own bed by herself!
She is REALLY into princesses right now. She wants to be a "princess" all the time, which means, wear skirts, even to bed. This nightgown was Sophia's a long time ago that we kept for her, and she LOVES it. It's a dress AND it's got princesses on it! Score!

The princess obsession can be brought back to a Christmas present from Gigi and Pops...
It's the Little People Princess castle and it's really cool. You put those princesses (all disney ones) on that litte thing Cinderella is on, and they each say four lines from their movies and sing part of one song. She has loved that thing so much! We always hear Rapunzel in her room say "This is the best day EVER!" and Avery will say it too. Really neat.
Well, she's growing. Why do kids always have to grow? :-)


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dpetty17 said...

Love it!!!! So sweet, and such a big girl!