Monday, January 28, 2013

Pics I Found on Jason's Phone (Part 4) Sophia Singing

Sophia is in Girl Scouts and before Christmas, her troop got together with a Boy Scout troop and they went to a nearby nursing home to sing carols. We got to take her, since it was our weekend.

As a kid, you just really never, ever appreciate how much older adults love to be around you. We told Jordan and Sophia to go around and shake hands with people and introduce themselves. We spoke to several people who lived there, most of whom were in their 90's, and they just had permanent smiles on their faces the whole time. They told me stories of their lives. I met a deacon of a church (who LOVED Avery, by the way) who told me of his days in his church choir and how him and his siblings sang and recorded gospel music back in the 50's. I also met a woman who was a teacher in Chicago for decades but moved down here to be closer to her son. When I asked them the secret to a long life, they both told me the same thing: "Being around children!"

It is so true. I love listening to stories of people who have been around for a long time. It's the simplest answer to them. If you want to feel young, be around young people. I will tell you, I never forget that, no matter how much the kids are wearing me down. Every adult with grown children will tell you this is the best time and not to ever take it for granted. I try not to.
There was this one lady who you could tell, might be a bit "not all there," and she came out in her pajamas and started dancing to the music. The very nice director was smiling, but you could tell she didn't want the kids to feel uncomfortable so she was trying to get her to sit down. Avery started dancing too. I loved that, and it was all I could do not cry. Watching those people clap and sing to the carols was something I am really glad we got to do. I know Sophia and Jordan didn't know what they did (and Avery too) but I will remember.

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