Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pics I Found on Jason's Phone (Part 5) Jordan's School Project

A few weeks ago, Jordan's school had a "marketplace" in which all of the kids were to come up with a product, and make enough to sell them. Parents spent actual money, then went to school one evening and bought the kids' products with the fake money. (Like, $1 real dollar equaled $100 fake ones.)
I am not sure if they had to dress up or if Jordan just wanted to, but he really got into this.
He made pencil toppers, pretty cool, huh?

Jordan is really into anything dealing with computers, especially powerpoints, which he will do just for fun. They also made a video project, in which they talked about the early settlers to America and had to make a commercial for it, which he loved. He is showing alot of interests these days, and I really hope we can continue to encourage his interests!

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