Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Movie House Style

I have been giving alot of thought lately to what is my real house style. What do I really want my house to look like? What colors do I like? Furniture? Accessories?
I guess I am not really one to pour over Pinterest all the time for decorative ideas. I mean, I do. Just not all the time. I follow decor blogs because I love to see ideas people have to decorate, especially when it's really cute but inexpensive. But if I really want to get carried away with a house, the decor of a house, the architecture and layout, then all I have to do is watch a Nora Ephron movie.
It doesn't matter which one, they are just all beautifully decorated houses. I mean, houses that only incredibly rich people could afford to live in, but hey. I am getting carried away here, right?
You've Got Mail - every time I watch this movie I want to lay in that big poofy bed and I just love the warmth of her house.
And who wouldn't want to read a book in this cozy bookstore?
And who doesn't love the shabby sheekness of Meg Ryan's house in Sleepless in Seattle?
But the grandest of them all. The momma house of them ALL is this one....
I want to go there.
This kitchen is TO DIE FOR.
The taupes, the creams, the beauty of it all!
Her room, I want it! I mean, who needs two big lounge chairs in your room, really? But hey. It works!
Ugh, this dining room set, the big chairs, the plate wall. I want it.
And the ocean right outside of your living room, for all the eyes to see from a beautiful wall of windows? Yes, please!
Man. I wish someone would borrow my house for a movie and decorate it, Ephron-style.

A close runner up would be the houses in the movie The Holiday.

That BED!

LOVE the cottage.

I think I am seeing a trend here?

Maybe I need to use these as my muse???

What's your movie house style?

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