Friday, January 11, 2013

The thing about weight loss....

Well, I have, yet again, begun the dieting process. These 35 pounds have been a burden on me for far too long. This time I feel really different about it. I have started a 90 day challenge, which includes no sodas, no fried foods, no sweets, 72 ounces of water, and exercising 3-5 times per week. The first couple of days were hard, mainly because I didn't realize how much I just grabbed what I wanted, when I wanted. But today, it's not so terrible! Along with this, I have also begun increasing my fruit/veggie intake and lowering my carb intake. I HATE fruit, but I have made two large fruit smoothies, consisting of nothing but fruit and a bit of skim milk, for two days and I have probably ingested more fruit in two days than in my whole life, no lie! So, it's going well. The exercising has been a challenge. But I keep thinking, "Just do the best you can and give it all you've got for 90 days. Your summer-you will be happy you did!"
The main reason I am very motivated this time around is because I really hate having things lingering on my internal "to-do" list. Lose 35 pounds has been on there for a while and I just thought, Ok, you are going to have to do this eventually. You can either do it now and get it over with or in another year from now, be mad that you didn't. Again. So, I started.
Here's the thing about weight loss that I find the hardest. I decide to get started, that I am REALLY motivated this time around, that I am tired of looking at my hips and muffin top and want to see them GO! But your weight loss intentions mean nothing, right then. My hips and muffin top will stick around for a while, before I see any results come of it. I wish your body knew when you were really serious and fell in line, by magically removing all fat and cellulite from areas they didn't need to be. But alas. It doesn't work that way.
I just keep thinking, "give it all you can for 90 days. You can do it!" And I know I can.

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Kaydi said...

You can do it girl!!! I believe in you!