Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What I See On My Walk To Work

My new job is in downtown Fort Worth. I actually take the train everyday, which I must admit, is really cool. I get 30 minutes both ways to sit and chill, every single day. I am currently reading The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells, as it was a free download on my brand new Playbook app. If they put a gym on the train, I would lose 20 pounds by Christmas. Maybe I should suggest that.
I love Fort Worth. I love it way more than Dallas, sorry those of you who might not agree. Fort Worth is just a really neat town. The downtown area is really awesome. If I squint, it makes me feel like I am in Manhattan again.
I thought commuting in would be a pain, but I really like it. Except for this morning, when a train was stalled on the track and we had to make a detour on a bus. Ah, public transportation. The bus driver was a woman and she drove like a maniac! But she got us in fast, so that was nice!
My new job is pretty cool, but last week was hard. I really missed my friends. But I am talking to them via email, so at least I still know what is going on over there! I am waiting for their building to fall down any minute without me. Hasn't happened yet, but I am just sure it will. :-)
As much as I like my new job, I must admit I am pretty ready for the upcoming holiday and four whole days off!!

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