Thursday, November 29, 2012

Am I The Only One NOT Decorated For Christmas Yet???

I guess I am a little, behind? I mean, it is November 29, my in-laws just left from the Thanksgiving holiday two days ago and we are still catching up on laundry from the long weekend, but I guess I am behind. I hate Pinterest. I hate Facebook. I hate Instagram. Sometimes, I do. Because they make me feel pressured and inadequate. But I will not bow down to the pressure, I say! I will decorate when I am GOOD and READY!
Ok. I am good and ready.
I got out my boxes of Christmas decorations, which, at our previous smaller house, were pretty adequate. Yeah, it's kind of just a joke in this house how much stuff I will need to make it a Winter Wonderland. But, you can only do so much, right? I will go get some stuff at Hobby Lobby this weekend, in the form of ribbon, garland, and whatever I can find on sale. We are also focusing on lights for the outside this weekend. Let's be honest, that's going to be a a miracle if it looks halfway decent. Lights are pricey and let's just look at the oustide of my house one more time...
We haven't even measured to see how many strands we will need to cover the front of this house, but I am sure it will be expensive. And I HATE those little, puny lights that are all crooked and ugly. I like big white or red or blue lights, or even multi-colored. Just don't make me use little puny ones!
Next weekend, we will put up the tree. I think I am going to try Dina's suggestions for tree decorating..
I really love the way she decorates her house. She uses different textures, tons of color. I wish I could decorate like she could, but my mind just doesn't "go there" with the out of the box ideas she has. But I do love her trees. They are just full of all kinds of stuff, and not just ornaments! In the link above, she tells you how she decorates them. I am going to try the ribbon idea this year and creative uses of things besides ornaments.
I got out my beautiful ornament wreath...
but since I didn't go through the trouble of hotgluing it down last year, half of the ornaments had fallen off. So, that's going to need to be fixed. It's worth it, though. I liked that ornament, it's so shiny!
I thought I would also try my hand at making some burlap wreaths for my front doors. Yep, I need two wreaths for my porch, for every holiday.
Something like this would be nice...
Simple. That's what I like, since I am incredibly untalented at making wreaths.
I had also mentioned my challenge of having a beautiful black lava rock fireplace with no mantle...
1901 Westminster Drive Grand Prairie TX 75050 Home for sale - MLS #11751415
I am thinking green garland with lots of lights and some big candlesticks on either side, hopefully from a thrift store that I can spray paint.
And I will be using these stockings again this year...
I really hate that we don't have monogrammed stockings. But I always wait until the last minute in December and would rather use money on gifts than having stockings made. Next year, I will have them done throughout the year. We need some beautiful stockings with our names on them. We always had the same stockings for years growing up. There was my name, proudly spelled "Gina." It was mispelled as long as I had it and we just never got another one. We don't use those stockings anymore, but it was pretty funny, anyway.
Well, I guess I'd better get on it. I have alot to do!

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