Monday, November 19, 2012

Pics from the Playroom

We are finally at a stopping point with our playroom. We told ourselves we were going on a purchasing hiatus for the house for the holidays, but after seeing this jewel at a garage sale for $15 bucks, we just couldn't say no. Especially since playing in the playroom is actually something that is done alot lately. We got the Playstation and they just sit on the floor and stare at the TV. So, we were going to purchase some chairs from Walmart at some point, but $15 was much cheaper than our plan.

It's not perfect, but it works for a kids' playroom. I think there is leather conditioner that will make the leather look good as new, but right now, I am just glad there is something in there to sit on.
We traded in our non-working Wii, straight up, for a new Playstation. We will probably end up getting the new Wii at some point, but we are good without the Wii for now. The only reason we were using it, mostly, was to watch Netflix. Now, we have Roku (and it's awesome). Since Playstations play DVDs too, it was best to get it instead. We thought since we have movies that the kids could watch, that the Playstation was a good investment.

Per the usual, the schooldesk was a garage sale find. I painted it white and it looks pretty cool. Although, my dad said it was a politically incorrect desk, since it's right-handed. I think it's pretty cool and so does Pooh.
I find myself looking around areas like these cabinets, that are pretty much filled by the way, and wonder how any of our stuff EVER fit into a 1200 square foot apartment. These cabinets, I bet, will be painted some cool shade at some point in the far ahead future. They look so bare.
Another thing I am amazed by is how well our curtains have fit into this house. This door leads out to the sunroom.
I am so glad this room is pretty well done. The house really didn't feel that big to me and I realized it's because when you only go in two rooms, cause you don't have places to sit in others, of course it feels smaller. But now, as we get everything put together, it's just starting to really feel as big as it is. I love this house!

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