Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Backyard

So, our Thanksgiving was pretty awesome! I am ashamed to say I didn't take too many pictures. Hopefully, my in-laws will post some on Facebook that I can steal. :-)
Anyhoo, I thought I would share pictures of the backyard, which I've left off our tours in the past.
Our backyard is probably one of the more unique ones I've seen, just because it's VERY designed. They must've had lots of parties at this house because it's all set up for decorating, as is evidenced by how the backyard is set up. For one thing, half of it is a concrete deck.

There is this little square, with dirt, that must have been for flowers at one point, but it makes for a perfect place for our firepit!

The swingset was a gift from a friend at church, whose grandkids had outgrown it. Ours LOOOVVEEE it. We need to get a big kid swing, though!
Here is a picture from the swingset to the back part of the house. Alot of the grass has disappeared and it needs some major landscaping, but that's just going to have to wait until spring.

A different view...one thing I love and hate about this house are the trees. They look really pretty and have these really pretty red leaves. However, they have these dadgum red leaves. You know what I mean?

This is the door way to the sunroom and the little stairway up to the backyard. Both doors of the sunroom have these great, heavy commercial grade swinging doors. They are very safe and keep things very insulated. The man who built it I believe built commercially for a living, so these look to be either parts from another building or just supplies he'd ordered along the way. The tiles on the walkway are the same way. Do you love my very alive, not at ALL dead, brightly colored mums?


Another feature that I am not 100% sold on yet is this rod iron fence. It looks really nice and I love that it will probably never blow down during a storm. I don't like that everyone can peek in to the fence. I also don't know if the dogs have figured it out, I am guessing no, but there are areas on the side of the house where the fence gradually slopes down. Since iron can't bend, it just progressively gets lower, leaving major gapes between the fence and the ground that the dogs could easily get out of. Obviously, these are dogs that know they have it pretty darn good and have only gotten out once, when we left the gate open, and escaped all the way into the next door neighbor's front yard. We called for them and they came running, with their heads hung in shame.
That's our backyard! I don't know how many Christmas lights we are going to need to put up this year. We are afraid we aren't even close to having enough to make it look good. I am the type that would rather have nothing, in terms of Christmas lights, than ones that look puny and pitiful. I guess we shall see!

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