Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Lights on the Prairie (OK, Prairie Lights)

We went and saw Prairie Lights last night...we got the VIP treatment and it was awesome! And like the good mother I am, I took lots of pictures. OK, my camera was dead and I forgot to charge it. But we did get this...

If you can't tell, Gexa Energy is the sponsor.
Avery finally has come to the age where she knows what she is looking at. She LLLLOOOOVVVEEEDDDD the lights. She did NOT like Santa. We kept trying to get her to go talk to him, but when we got close, she just cried. It's OK, maybe next year. She did look at him and wave at him from afar, so it's a start in the right direction.
Colbi did really well! She just slept and hung out. I love that she is starting to be a baby and not a newborn, she is so alert! She smiles at you and she has found her feet and is so close to rolling over! My sister has pictures that I know she is just waiting to post, so hurry on up with those, Brookie!!
As I've said before, Christmas is going to be funnnn this year.

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