Sunday, November 18, 2012

Some Pics of the Kids (and my new favorite thing...)

I finally took alot of pictures today. We watched some videos of the kids and it made me realize I don't take enough videos of the I did.
I love Instagram. It's my new favorite thing!! How have I just discovered this?
All three kids VOLUNTARILY went outside and played today. Avery loves being outside, but it's not as fun playing out there without her borther and sister. Sophia likes being outside but sometimes it's hard to get her out there. Jordan has been given a time limit on his video games per day, so once he reached that limit, he went outside to play Sniper. Then, all kids helped pick up some leaves.
Watching the kids play...
Tell me this child isn't his father's mini me.
Wherever Sophia goes, Avery goes.
Sophia is seriously the baby whisperer. She is surrounded by babies and she is GREAT with them. Avery has always loved Sophia, but it seems as though all babies do. She held Colbi at my mom's tea yesterday and Colbi just watched her...
Avery and her Aunt Leslie
Gigi and her girls at the Tea yesterday

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