Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Avery!

My baby is 2. My big girl, I mean. I can't believe how old she is getting!
We had a Minnie Mouse party this year. I try to do themes that she loves, instead of just ones I think are cute...

My mom made her this ADORABLE outfit to match the theme. It was sooo cute!!!

We are so happy that Scotty, Faith and the boys got to come spend the afternoon with us...this house is perfect for lots of kids!

Everyone got to come and I mean, everyone in her entire family, her babysitter Jenn, and friends. I can't tell you how awesome this was to me, especially, to have everyone we love under the same roof for an afternoon.

I made the cake and I have to admit, I was pretty proud of myself.

Cute little Minnie balloons

The three girls...

I look over and Avery and Jax (who is 3) are just playing air hockey together. It was pretty cute.

Here the men are, guarding the food (or so it looked like)

I made the Pops and the Poppy play a game. Since Minnie owns a "bowtique," they had to put bows in their hair and we played a Minnie and Mickey trivia game. Neither of them were very happy with me, as evidenced by this picture. Thank you, though, for being good sports about it!

When we sang happy birthday, it was so loud! She loved it. She has been walking around all week singing "Happy birthday to Avery."

Yumm, cake.

Shari and Robert got us an early Christmas present...

Jason thought the sunroom would make a good game room and since we had all that room, we needed a pingpong table. I had visions of beautiful furniture in it, but how much more seating do we need in my house, really? After seeing how much action that table has received in the last few days, I am thinking it was a pretty good idea!

It was such a great day!

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