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BIG Weekend and Week - Long Post, FYI!

Well, my phone pooped out on me last week. It just went black screen on Monday, so I could still hear alers for texts and calls, but couldn't see anything. I had to use Jason's old phone as a backup until my new phone arrived, and it is pretty awful too. It would slip into flight mode constantly, so I was hanging up on people left and right and it would erase messages before I would hit send. So, if you didn't hear from me last week or I didn't reply to texts, that's why. This also meant barely any pictures were taken, but I do have some new ones to share.
Ok, first things first. Avery's first Halloween, one where she actually started catching on to the idea, was very successful! We started out at our church's Trunk or Treat event.
She was like, "So, if I throw this ball here, you are just going to GIVE me candy? Hmmm, I think I might like this..." She did NOT want us to take away her pumpkin. Every time we would, she would cry, "My candy!!" I think, I THINK, she likes candy. She had her very first sucker and LOVED it.

We did want to try our hand at Trick or Treating and we have a great neighborhood for it. We have lots of people who participate and it was a great way to introduce ourselves to some of our neighbors, who were very happy to see a young family had moved in. Some of our neighbors have lived there for 30 years or more, so they were so happy to meet us and Avery. She said, "Trick or treat!" and "Thank you!" every time. It was SOOO cool.

I think Avery is going to grab on to Christmas this year. Can't wait.

Avery also went in for her 2 year doctor's appointment Friday. She is in the 97th percentile (34 inches tall and 37 pounds). The doctor said she is the size of some 4 year olds, is going to be very tall, and is healthy and happy! She said she is developing wonderfully and that it's probably time to start potty training. We've known it's time for a while to start. She tells us all the time when she is "going." Now we just have to teach her what it feels like to know when she is about to go and to tell us. However, I did stick her on the potty yesterday and started using the M&Ms as bribes. I said, "Avery, if you want another M&M, can you pee-pee for mommy?" She said, "OK!" And went! I was so proud of her. So, we went to the store and bought some of these....
Now, has she done it since? Nope. Last night, right before bed, after her being on the potty for a few minutes, we took her off and let her roam free for a bit, and she then proceeded to pee-pee in her daddy's closet and said proudly, "I going!" It's going to take some time, I think!
And in other news, it looks like I will be leaving my job for a new opportunity. This was absolutely not something I was looking for. I love my job and the people there, so it was a hard decision. My husband's boss's wife works at another oil and gas company and we just started talking about the needs they had there, and would I be interested in coming over? I was very hesitant to say yes. After all, when you are not really looking to leave and you are happy, it's kind of a risk to go somewhere new. My boss, when I first told him, was understanding but sad to see me go. I was still a little uneasy about leaving, until he and I had a long conversation Friday afternoon about the pros and cons of both. He wanted to know why I was leaving and to see if there was anything to do to keep me here. The main reasons I think this is a good move are two-fold. First, they offer a flexible schedule, one that I really wouldn't ever have here. Since I answer phones as well as other duties, at my current job the hours will really always be 8 - 5. It's getting harder and harder to think those hours will always work for me and our family. When I think about never being able to pick up Avery from school or spend time with her in the mornings, it really makes me sad. At the new job, I have no receptionist or office manager role, so you can work with them on the 8 hours in the day you want to work. Secondly, the opportunity for growth in my career at the new company is pretty much unlimited. I am the only one in my office who does not have some sort of science degree and in order to do their job, you have to have that type of degree. That's not going to happen. I have no interest in becoming a scientist or biologist. That pretty much leaves me with no room to grow from the place I am at right now. Our corporate office is in Baton Rouge, so maybe if I worked there, I could grow, but not in our office. My boss even told me that someone with my ability to grab on to expectations and go forward needs to work for someone who is able to offer me more than that. He hates to see me go, I know he does. But I think he knows he can't compete. I wish I could say I would happy here in 10 years still doing what I am doing, but I know myself WAY too well to know that will not happen. I get antsy in less time than that. It's a risk to leave, I won't lie. And until the conversation I had with my boss Friday, I still wasn't sure I was making the right choice. Leaving comfort is a hard thing to do, for sure. But, it's a good thing. Now, I am very excited about what this new company could mean for me. 
So, big week, huh? Thank goodness I adapt incredibly well to change in my life. Otherwise, I think I might be going nuts right about now!


teacherjanet said…
Glad that Avery liked Trick or Treating! Its always funny to me when I see your pictures of Inglewood. ITs like a little slice of childhood! Congrats on the new job oppurtunity! Yes, Avery is Huge! Bailey will be 4 in December and I think she is about 39 inches and I am not sure of her weight but last time she got on the scale it was like 34 pounds HA! She is definelty going to be a tall little girl!

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