Friday, October 19, 2012

I got the fever....then I got the prescription

Not gonna lie...I've had the fever, baby fever, for a few weeks now.
Last night, my sister brought her beautiful daughter to my house for dinner. I am not kidding when I say that my house is big and echoey. Well, Colbi just started crying, which was LOUD, then it scared her cause of the echo, and then she screamed louder, and wouldn't stop crying. My house just scared her, for real. Brooke went outside for about one minute and I held Colbi, who was crying, whom I couldn't console. Well, this scared and upset Avery, who then also proceeded to start screaming and crying. Brooke then walked back in to me holding two, screaming and crying babies, and all I could do was laugh nervously, otherwise I would have started to cry myself. Then she started laughing, cause, I mean, who wouldn't think a woman with no clue what to do isn't hilarious? I certainly did.
Yeah. Baby Fever, it went bye-bye. How do you mothers with multiple children still at crying age handle it?? More power to you!

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