Monday, October 15, 2012

Spooky Mantle

My fireplace is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. It's this gigantic black lava rock chimney that's about 20 feet high. In fact, there are black lava rock columns through the house and on the outside of the house. I will say that planning a furniture layout in a ranch style home, with a den that is enormous, with a fireplace as the center, without a TV that is 95 square feet, has been a bit of a challenge, to say the least. But, I am working on a large homeade entertainment center to balance out both sides of the room.
Anyhoo, just about the only downside to my fireplace is the obvious lack of a mantle. I am sure at Christmas, I will miss it. But for now, the black lava rock makes for a GREAT chimney to decorate for Halloween!
You'd think the spider webs would stick really easily and be hard to get off. I was pleased that I think they will all come down pretty easily. I have never really decorated for Halloween before, but I thought, what the heck! With a chimney like this, you gotta have some webs!
And what web would be complete without a scary, cheesy spider???
The banner says "Happy Haunting!" and they were free printables off Pinterest and I wish I could find the link but now I can't, boo!
I stopped at Dollar Tree to see if I could find some cheapo Halloween decorations that weren't completely hideous. I find this little lady and Jason had a cute idea to move her arms like so....
"Come on over my pretty, have a Kit Kat bar!"
That bowl has the good stuff. I wonder how long it will last at our house this weekend, when the kids are here!

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Kimie said...

That looks great!! Nice job :). How fun.