Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Family Pictures...

Oh did such a good job! We got our picture CD today and I can't wait to get these printed and on our walls! If you are looking for a photographer in the Dallas area, she is amazing and is amazing with kids, for sure! The reason I love her is because she is great at getting all of the shots that aren't posed, and those are my most favorite!
LOVE this face so much...

Jordan loves Avery more than I ever thought possible. He finds it his duty to make sure she is OK. Now, as for Sophia, he currently makes it his duty to aggravate and annoy her as much as possible. Sheesh.

Jordan kept putting his hand in his sleeve and it made Avery laugh SO hard. 

If you can get kids to pose for pictures for an hour or longer without bribes, more power to you. I am not ashamed to admit I stoop to sugar.

I know you aren't supposed to say this, but WHY oh WHY could I not find my Spanx that day?? It's a good picture anyway. Jason is definitely getting better with age. I need to do something to keep up.
I love that Jordan actually smiled with his teeth in this picture. He really is starting to look so old!
She was so mad that we took that black sweater away from her. She's two. What can I say.
So, to keep things moving, we gave it back. Sophia gave her a disapproving look.
 We honestly don't ever do that. I swear. Don't worry. She got a stern talking to.

I'm gonna getcha!

This is suuuuchhh a great picture of these two.

This really wasn't staged for pictures. The kids asked me to get smores since it was a cold day and to do them around our fire pit. I told them, in front of Allison, that I had already got smores stuff and we would do them if they got through the session with cooperation. Allison asked if she could take pictures of it. Turned out great! I told you I wasn't above bribery.
It wasn't without its hazards, though!

I told Allison she is coming back in six months and Jason and I both decided we would be tan and skinny. But they still turned out beautiful!

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