Thursday, April 19, 2012

My "No Diet Talk" Post

I said I would put some pictures up today....

Before I do that, can I just say I am a little obsessed with this song lately...

"Gotye" Somebody that I used to know

Avery is just getting so, OLD. It's really the most amazing thing, watching your baby, who couldn't even lift their head, or pick up toys, or sit up by themself become this person who can reach for things and talk back to you! Now, when I ask her questions, she can actually answer me and she knows what I am saying. It's so cool!

Our mornings are like clockwork, every single day. We wake up, Avery comes in bed with me and has her milk while I lay with her and we watch "Play With Me Sesame" and "The Wiggles." I get her dressed, do her hair, she runs around after I've fixed her up and tells her dad "Ook!" (Look) So he can look at her. He tells her how pretty she is, then he brushes her teeth and then they go bye bye.

(Wow, it's amazing how much light affects pictures, isn't it?)

Her entire life is one big routine, which I think has helped her in more ways that I even know. At night, every night, we come home, play a little, eat dinner, play some more, take a bath, and go night night by 7:30. Every, single, day. During day care, her day is filled with the same faces, the same schedules, the same nap time. It sounds monotonous to say it like that, but I think she is thriving within this scheduled environment.

She is just talking UP A STORM lately. I mean, everything you say, she repeats. Like I said, it's amazing.

This is what I see, every morning. My two sweetie pies leaving for the day.


But before she goes on her car ride, she has to have a book. So we have books in both our cars and she will read them and look out the window all the way to where we are going.

Ah, Go-go and Melmo are going to teach her about colors today! Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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