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I love my daughter BUT...

Did I get your attention?? Ha ha. I love my daughter, I love every, single thing about her. BUT, I don't like what being pregnant did to my body.

I am not "perky" in places I used to be perky. I don't like that when I take off articles of clothing that are holding up certain parts of my body, those parts go down inches. Am I being clear, here?? I think a stomach is a stomach, not a place for things to "rest." Am I being even MORE clear, here?
I never, ever, ever thought about plastic surgery as an option until this very week. Especially now that I've stopped nursing. Yowza. I am 31 and I feel very old-looking at myself in the mirror lately. I feel like one of those National Geographic women. I DON'T LIKE IT. And it has nothing to do with anyone else seeing me, or my husband giving me a hard time or not finding me attractive, or anything. It is all me. I feel.....past my prime.

I shouldn't feel like that at 31. My weight loss is going well, I mean, I feel like I am losing inches. It's little things, like, my pants are getting baggy in the seat, I can push my sleeves up on my arms without stretching my sweaters out completely, my nursing bras are WAY too big, stuff like that. Even my shoes feel not so tight on my feet. But I just feel...old.

I guess having a baby is a process. You have to get used to looking at yourself in the mirror pregnant, gaining weight, things not fitting. Then, you have to get used to yourself after you have the baby. Leaky, very jiggly, nothing fits. Then, there is the period after you stop nursing. You start to feel more like yourself mentally, but nothing fits anymore. You are getting down to your pre-pregnancy weight but it looks TOTALLY different than before. It's like, every few months, you are adjusting your mindset to be OK with your body. It's hard, folks.

And then, my husband, who picks up a dumbell once and loses 5 pounds, had the NERVE to tell me to look at him, because he was flexing his stomach muscles and a 6 pack has appeared. He did 2 whole days of P90X Ab Ripper and eats junk. I about threw something at him. Men couldn't handle having babies. They would even be worse than we are!

Well, anyway, on to other things. My big girl daughter started eating real food last night - sweet potatoes to be exact. She'd have eated the whole container if we'd have let her!! Such a sweet girl.

We also read last night. She has always just stared at the book, completely enthralled by the pages. I hope she likes to read! 

I. Love. Her.


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