Monday, April 23, 2012

Colbi and The ABCs

Hey, Blogger. I don't like having to learn new ways of doing my Facebook all the time, and I don't like having to do it with you, either. Not a fan of you changing everything up on me.

Anyway, yesterday turned out to be a very busy but good day. I have decided I don't like taking pictures anymore because my camera stinks, as does my camera phone, and every picture I take is dull looking and blurry. So this is the only picture I got yesterday.

Guess what we did? Shopped for Colbi! I always forget how much stuff there is to register for with a new baby. Wow!

Avery actually got a new toy herself. That little pink cow she is holding sings the ABCs. She LLLOOOOVVVEEESSSS it. She made me press the button about 100 times last night. She can actually sing the ABCs, all the way to about H, but last night should would sing a random "W" or other letter. Then she would sing the end, "Now I know my ABCs..." I was already emotional when I got home because I just love hearing her try new things, so watching Marley and Me probably wasn't the best idea. Blubbering.

Anyway, have a great Monday, everyone!


Brooklynn said...

I love Avery in this picture. Me, not so much.

Kimie said...

About Blogger - I agree, and that was my exact reaction when I saw the new format. Thanks for your comment - Avery is a little doll face, and I love reading your updates!