Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Fun Day

I forgot to post this picture when the kids were here...

These dogs are ridiculous. So happy.

I don't really know what face the munchkin is making here....

Y'all, I think we are headed in to unchartered territory. She is getting more stubborn, cranky and whiney. I believe her two year molars are coming in, and the terrible twos are coming in with them.

Lately, she can just be so whiney! Oh my goodness. She has this sound she makes, that's like a cross between a cry and a whimper. The girl can say a million words but when she is upset, she just whines! She is still so funny though. She really does do some funny stuff. She's recently learned to make people copy her and she does some funny stuff.

Being the parent of a toddler is just fun. They do some random, entertaining, endearing, frustrating things. But I love this stage she's in. She can do so much, like talk and follow directions. She can hold things and walk where you want her to. It's just so much fun! 

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