Monday, June 24, 2013

Weight Loss Update - Week 4

I've stayed hovering at that "9 pounds lost" point for a week now. As I normally have done in my past, once I start to do well, working out as I should and dieting, my progress actually starts leading to going back to bad habits. This last weekend was not a good one for me. I have started not being as strict on my diet, despite starting to walk and exercise this past week.
I am not really sure what happens mentally, I guess I just feel like I've earned the right to eat the treats daily because I've worked hard for a few weeks. I allowed myself to eat bad for several days in a row this weekend. I am definitely going walking tonight with a vengeance and back on my strict diet first thing in the morning.
I've noticed several good changes in my body when I look in the mirror. My tummy is definitely looking much tighter (not at all like a 6 pack or anything, just not as big). I am not as bloated-looking in the chin and neck as I normally feel I am. So those are all good things, now I just need to continue on with progress. The next step is breaking the "180 pound" mark on that scale.
I definitely feel a little anxiety lately, as July marks a huge change in our lives, with Jason starting his new job. We are surely wondering how this is going to change things, so I am a little stressed out about it, although I really shouldn't be. I should be excited, and I certainly am, but it also comes with a bit of nerves and stress as we go forward with the next step in our lives. This certainly doesn't help with the eating situation. Although, I didn't have a whole package of Oreos this week, just a few fun size packets of M&Ms. I guess that's a good thing, right?
Here's starting week 4 - hope I can show some progress again next week!

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