Monday, June 3, 2013

Colbi Spends the Night with Sophia, the Amazing Baby Whisperer! (and the rest of us)

I asked my sister if my beautiful, fun, crawling (what??) niece could come spend the night with us over the weekend. I really had to beg her for her to say yes. (Right.) We love having Colbi over here and the older she gets, the more fun it is. We especially like having her over when we have all three kids. There is no shortage of attention for her over here when he have all four of them!

Of course, when Sophia is around any baby, it's like watching magic. Babies, especially girls, just LLOOOVVEEE her. Maybe it's because she has two little sisters, but I just think it's because Sophia has a gift. Colbi couldn't take her eyes off of her!
Much like every time we have Colbi over, I always ask Jason, "Are you sure you don't want another one?" To which he very quickly replies, "YEP." Boo. :-)

But we will take this little sparkler any time we can. She just has such a wonderful disposition. Her smile is magnetic and so joyful. We didn't want to make Brooke and Dave feel bad, but we had her walking, potty trained, and saying "supercallifragilisticexpealidocious" before she went home. We are just really amazing with kids, you know. :-)
We ended the weekend with Avery in the playroom watching Brave, eating graham crackers.
Pretty good weekend!

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