Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

Who ARE these kids? These big kids??
No seriously. Where did these kids go...
And these...
Time flies by, doesn't it.
I am sure you all notice Jordan's hat - it's not a secret that Jordan certainly has very specific ideas of what he likes to wear. He loves hat and specifically, he loves fedoras. Not sure where that came from (probably Indiana Jones...) but we kind of are going through this growing pain stage where it's like, "While we know you love hats, let's find some that are more your age, that don't just look like you are playing dress up all the time?" We want him to wear hats wherever he wants, and when we found this plaid cute hat we all just thought he looked adorable in. It's a hat he could wear to church, to dinner, everywhere. We try to encourage all of the kids to dress how they want to dress, but also dress in appropriate things for your age. We don't want to surpress their individuality. I love that Jordan is unique...but I also want him to wear appropriate things too.
Anyway, we also went swimming at my moms. The girls are fish, Jordan, not so much. He just isn't one of those that would choose to go swimming. I think he spent alot of the day inside doing other things, which is why he isn't in any of these pictures.
My mom called Avery the "bobber" becaue she just bobbed with that life jacket on.

Her and her sister had alot of fun for sure...
Avery loves swimming. We are going to have to get her into some lessons!

She loves to jump to us from the side...

She would climb in, then climb out, over and over.

She even got to wear goggles!

We've come a long way, baby...

Looking forward to more of this!!

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