Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Easy Way to Design and Hang a Gallery Wall

I've only done one gallery wall in my life and it was a horrible process.
There were all kinds of holes in the wall after I was done, it took me forever, and I really didn't end up liking the end product. Not to mention, I had no color scheme. I think this was my first attempt at decorating. This was probably the reason this has taking me so long. I've been putting off hanging up these pictures cause I hated doing this wall so much.
Well, this isn't new, I am sure there are a million sites that explain this on Pinterest besides mine. But I just hung a gallery wall, from start to finish, in a couple of hours and I love it.
First a foremost, I took a roll of wallpaper from last Christmas and got to work. This wallpaper was great because it had the grids on one side, so it really helped to cut straight lines.
I basically traced the outside of each picture or piece of decor and then labeled it so I would know which place to hang which thing when I was done. Since I also have two different colors of frames, I also indicated which color it was, so I wasn't hanging too many of the same colors together.
Then, after I cut it out, I laid the paper on the back of the picture and marked a dot where the nail needs to be hammered. I started taping my wallpaper on the wall and putting the pieces where I wanted them to go.
I just nailed the nail into the paper when I was done, removed the paper from the wall, and hung the picture.

This wall isn't totally finished yet. I have a few more pictures to print of the kids from the most recent photo shoot, but this wall is so big, it can stand a bit more pictures.
I made this little canvas the other day. I got two canvases on sale for $7 at Hobs Lobs, and I already had the paint on hand, along with sticky letters that were leftover from another project. I just stuck the letters on, spray painted it Rustoleum Aqua (one of my favorites) and then popped the letters off. Really easy and I like it.


My mom gave me this adorable picture of Avery for Mother's Day. SOO cute.
All of these frames required new painting, but I love spray paint - I'd painted them all black in the above gallery wall. Now, back to color!
I have one more project to show you tomorrow (that I've been putting off for months now...)



Amanda (Davis) Wells said...

I love this!! Fantastic pointers! The canvas is SUPER cute, too.... you're inspiring me. :-)

Camille Columbia said...

this looks great!! i LOVE gallery walls!! www.camillecolumbia.blogspot.com