Thursday, June 13, 2013

Things My Two Year Old Says...

These are some things Avery has been saying lately...

We always love asking Avery who all of our names are in our family. She knows Jordan and Sophia as "bubba" and "sissy," so we will say, "What's Bubba's name?" And she will say "Jordan Whitehead!" Tonight, with Jordan in the room, we said, "Avery, what's bubba's name?" She said unprompted, "He's my best friend." and gave him a hug. It made his NIGHT and ours too!

When we sing "Jesus loves the little children," at the part that is, "red and yellow, black and white" she says, "Wetta wetta back and white." Sounds alot cuter out of her mouth then it does with me writing it!

She is starting to learn boys and girls, and she always assumes a grown up man is a daddy and a grown up woman is a mommy. Tonight, she pointed to a guy walking on the street and said, "He's a daddy! He not Jason daddy." Meaning, not her daddy!!

In the car, she was trying to get my attention, and she said, "Mom! Mom! Mommy!" and I wasn't answering her. Then she yells, "JENNA WHITEHEAD!"

We always ask Avery how her day was. Lately, when we've sat down to dinner, she will say, "Hey guys, how was your day?" Pretty funny from a two year old.

Her new thing is to "not" confessing to things she "didn't do." So she will say, "I not hit Sophia" out of the blue, and we know that means she really did. "I not tear the paper!" and we will find torn toilet paper all over the floor. I hope that habit stays around a while!

When she goes down to bed, I will tell her, "sweet dreams!" and she will always tell me a different person in our family she is going to "see" in her dreams. I never once asked her this, just one night she started telling me, "I see Gigi!" or "I see Jenny!" So sweet.

Jason and I carpool to work occasionally and about 3 months ago, I brought her a cookie from the deli as a surprise. Every time, without fail, she asks me when I get in the car, "You bring me a cookie?"

Her Pops took her to McDonalds one day a while ago for lunch and every time she sees him she says, "We go to McDonalds?" Jason is trying to teach her to say it with a really sad face, not that she really has to twist my dad's arm in the first place.

Avery has a pretty big vocabulary, but sometimes, if you ask her questions and she is tired of answering you, she will literally look at us and speak gibberish on purpose. That's pretty funny.

That little stinker lights up my life!

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