Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5 Pounds Down, 35 To Go!

So, just an update on my weight loss, I weighed myself yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find that I had lost 5 pounds last week! I am sure alot of that is initial water weight, but I will take it!
Basically, I am doing a few things. First, I cut out all soda and am only drinking water and occasionally, tea. I do drink my coffee in the morning. For breakfast this week, I've had a sandwich flat with a tablespoon of peanut better or eggs every morning. For lunch and dinner, I've had a Lean Cuisine, and am having anything from apples, pecans, breakfast bars, carrot sticks, or strawberries as snacks. I basically cut my calories down to about 1500 per day, with a few days of cheat meals. Although, I do eat as many fruits and veggies as I want (which is similiar to Weight Watchers). So, if I am feeling especially hungry for a meal, I will add veggies.
I have cut out all sugar, except for my cheat meals, and cut down significantly on complex carbs. When I say cut down, I don't think anyone really realizes how many carbs in the forms of chips, bread, snacks, popcorn, and pasta I was actually consuming.
I started my diet on Tuesday after our road trip to Roswell. So the whole weekend, I ate really bad. Tuesday and Wednesday were both pretty awful, hunger wise. I basically cut my caloric intake in half from the weekend, so my body was not having a good time. By Thursday, though, I was feeling so much better. I was hungry by the time it was meal time, but not the whole day. This week, I am not really hungry that much anymore, I actually have to remind myself to eat or am hungry by meal time only.
I've learned a few things about myself this week. First, I am a huge stress eater. I felt the urge to reach for the food when I was feeling tired or stressed out last week, but refused to do it. That was really hard. But I did identify why I think I eat all the time. Second, I learned that you can really only lose weight if your mind is really on board. I think I just go so fed up, and am still so fed up, that I just can't NOT eat well. I was so angry I'd let myself go like that, that I just said enough was enough and I truly mean it. I am really looking forward to this journey and seeing how well I can do. I think the beach in August is really also a motivating factor. Third, I realized how disciplined I can be if I really put my mind to it. We went out to eat Sunday to a Mexican food restaurant and didn't have one chip. That was incredibly hard, especially since I was so hungry, but I was determined to wait until I got my (light) meal. I felt so much better afterwards, not that I didn't have a chip, but because this wasn't a cheat day and I wasn't just going to let myself sit there and consume an entire basket of chips just because they were sitting there. That was certainly a little victory!
This week, I am hoping to really incorporate either yoga or walking. My hips have been hurting lately and I know it's because I sit all day long. I heard on the radio this week that they've done a study on people who sit all day and they've determined that having a job where you sit 8 hours a day does the same damage to your body that smoking does. It also takes years off your life, because the human body was made for movement, not sitting. Pray for me as I find the time and motivation to do this!!
I will continue to update everyone as I go through this weight loss! 35 pounds, here I come!

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