Friday, June 14, 2013

Weight Loss Update - Week 3

I stepped on the scale and was encouraged to find I had lost another 3 pounds, making my total weight loss since 3 weeks ago 8 pounds!
Last week, I really thought I'd had a not-so-great week, so I was really surprised to find that number staring back up at me. I know I have drastically cut my calories down (not below what they should be, but below what they were at, which was way too high). I haven't had a piece of fried food once, with the exception of chips here and there. I did have Oreos this week (I ate the whole package myself, over the period of the week, I used to eat half of it in one day. Not lying.) But I am guessing since I cut back on calories, it wasn't as devastating as it was before. That is also the only real sweet I've had.
When I feel the need to have a chip, I eat a few chips. FEW. When I feel the need to have a sweet, I will indulge myself within reason, but not every single day. I used to eat a dessert after every, single meal. Lunch and dinner, every day. Either a candy bar in the afternoon at work, or ice cream at home. If an opportunity for a cookie or piece of cake presented itself, I took it, even if the cookie wasn't even worth the calories it had. I guess I am just teaching myself some self-control and to make the calories I do eat, worth it. So, when I am blowing 400 calories on a cookie, it's a really good cookie and not just some stale, two day cookie available at my office.
Another thing I am doing is not finishing the kids' plates when they have food they didn't finish. A friend of mine said that was one of the reasons she'd gained weight with kids, and I didn't realize I was doing the very same thing. Either I hated the food to get thrown in the trash or I hated that it was there, so why not just eat it? I eat what I have and no more.
I have learned just not to have things in the house that tempt me, but that's not always fair to the kids, so hopefully in a few more weeks, having a pack of Oreos won't make me want to eat the entire thing. We also haven't eaten out very much in the last few weeks, which certainly makes a huge difference.
I don't look to myself like I've lost weight, but I can certainly feel a difference in my clothes. This morning, I put on my jeans and they felt a little loose, as well as my shirt. That is very encouraging!
Next week, I am going to attempt the "Couch to 5K" plan. I got an app that will help me, so I am really hoping I can stick to it. It's a 9 week plan, so by the time August (and the beach) come around, I hope to be where I want to be!!


Kaydi said...

Way to go, Jenna! Keep up the hard work!

Jenna @ Sharing My Jennarocity said...

Thank you!!