Monday, June 17, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday...

This weekend was certainly a flurry of activity and we got resolution on Jason's new job - he was officially offered the position on Friday and will start at the beginning of July! I am so proud of him. He has really worked so hard for a long time to get here and is just ecstatic about the opportunity.
He even gets his very own home corner office to spend his time in. Pretty jealous!!
He is going to be traveling quite a bit in this position, so it's still up in the air how this is going to affect me and my job. I certainly don't want to leave my daughter at daycare from 7 to 6 everyday, and as of now, he is able to get her early every afternoon, so it works well. But he has flown a couple days during this interview process, and even him flying for the day, he isn't home until after 5, which leaves me to drop her off and pick her up by myself. I am sure God has all of these plans in His hands, so we will see how all of this pans out!
We spent time with my dad yesterday - just a nice afternoon relaxing.

He is really bummed out because he has no beautiful women to spend any time with.
I got to see this little cutie, which always makes me happy...


She is so fun! She was enjoying a good book here. She liked the page so much, she ripped it out and started to eat it. Talk about Reader's Digest! Ha ha, get it?? Eating it, digest, man, I am full of funnies.
I also got Avery some new shoes and made sure to get a pair with lots of growing room.

She just loves wearing big people's shoes! She came marching into the bathroom with these on, dragging them along the groud. Such a cutie!

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