Thursday, June 20, 2013

Does Every Generation Think The Decade(s) They Grew Up In Were The Best?

I recently read an article, in which Candace Cameron Bure had posted the following picture on her Instagram account...
Ah, the good old days. Remember TGIF??
Ha ha, Balki.
Does every generation think the decade(s) of their youth were the best ones to live in? Does everyone have that nostalgia of carefree days of their teen years being the best ones in history?
I really think we all do. I think when you hit 30's, it's almost like it's your right to start feeling sorry for the "kids of today..." who will never understand what it's like to have to use a pay phone (at least they know what one is, thank you Adam Levine!) or what life was like with 3-way calling on a landline (you mean, phones used to have, gulp, cords??)
Of course, we all know the 80's and 90's were not all sunshine and gum drops. There was plenty of teen aingst, drama, and scary things going on in society. But just for grins, let's go over some of my most fond memories of growing up...

Oh, Marie Francois Girbeaud. The popular and coveted white tag across the fly. Still to this day, this was the most anticipated and exciting Christmas gift I've ever received. These were like, $80 back in the day, maybe more?? Mucho dinero in the 90's.

 How I loved all of you beautiful boys. :-)

Kids - these are called cassette tapes. Say it with me: ca-ssette-tapes. You had to rewind them. You never knew when on the tape your song started and stopped and to get to the other side, you had to take it out and flip it over. And if it got unraveled, you had to spend like, an hour, with a pencil winding it back in. Awesome, dude. But boy, did your own mixed tape of songs you pirated from the radio sound awesome in your car. All of our songs had intros from Kiss FM. And you had to be quick on the "record" button or else you wouldn't get the whole song. Ha ha.

I used Amy here, because I love her, but tall bangs were the biz-om! Oh and the "brushed out perm do." (Not pictured here, but please look at our 5th grade year book for reference).

The see-through phone. What an invention.

Two of my most favorite movies from childhood...

If you don't know what these are by these pictures, please see me immediately for two movies you must add to your "to see" list.

What are your faves from your generation??

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