Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Your Calling

Today is Tuesday, which means it's once again time for "Inspire Us Tuesdays!" Today's topic is this: Your Calling: What do you believe is your true calling in your church? Is there a ministry you would like to become a part of but haven't? Why or why not?
When I was younger, I used to think we all had only one calling in life. I think because I had heard the term "calling" linked up with "ministry" so often, that it's like a calling only referred to people who had been "Called" by God to be in the ministry or missionaries. It wasn't until I got older that not only do I think every person is called to do something, I think every person is called to do many things throughout the course of their life time.
What does "calling" mean, anyway? I think the term "call" began to describe protestants who were being led my Christ in God's work. I don't think this is limited to work for pay, as in being a pastor, but also working or volunteering in any capacity, as God has led one to do. In our churches, we have the biggest opportunity to hear and obey God's calling. Most of our churches have several ministries that a person could participate in, from being in the choir (music ministry), working with kids, (children's ministry), working with teens (youth ministry), working with senior adults (seniors ministry) or any number of other ministries you feel your church or community is in need of.
I have always felt called to be a part of a choir. I joined a choir for the first time in a long time when we went to Prestonwood Baptist and I was a part of the choir ministry at our present church for a little while, until I was asked to be a part of our middle schooler ministry on Wednesday nights. I was also asked to help with our children's ministry on Sundays, by teaching Sunday school. It's hard to know, sometimes, in church what God is calling you to do and what you are simply asked to do because they depend on you and know you will say yes. Sometimes, I feel torn between the two things myself. But I know when it's time for me to move, God will let me know. Lately, I've been feeling very convicted to work at the pregnancy center, so I am not sure how that is going to fit in with the volunteering I already do, so we will see.
It's hard to determine a calling sometimes. And it's even harder, sometimes, to follow the calling that God has set before you. The calling that God asks you to follow isn't always the thing you want to do, but sometimes the thing that God needs us to do, either for our own lives or for another plan we might not see. I've learned to do my best to follow His call for my life, even if it doesn't always seem convenient and easy. It's not always an easy task, but it sure is fulfilling.
What is your calling?

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