Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Little Husband Bragging...

I try really hard not to brag too much on my husband on my blog. But, I felt that he did a few things that deserved at least a little bragging.
Jason is quite literally the most thoughtful person I've ever known. He is most certainly an incredibly thoughtful, giving, and selfless husband and does things for me without being asked and just "because." He does things that he just thinks will either make me happy or make my life easier. It's almost to the point of guilt; at one point in our marriage I'd felt very bad that it didn't come naturally to me to do the same types of things for him that he did for me. But I realized he doesn't do the things he does for me so I will turn around and do things for him in return. He literally does things purely to be thoughtful. He is very perfect, in alot of ways. I, on the other hand, am not. But I will say that it took me a while to get used to this. I always thought in the beginning there was some "alterior motive." When we were first dating, he asked for the key to my apartment (and having known him for 20 years, I felt comfortable.) I came home from work to dinner in the crockpot, a clean apartment, an organized closet (which I know took him a long time), and a fixed vaccuum cleaner. I had never, NEVER, had a guy go out of his way for me before that. Not even the littlest bit. Not even kind of. So, it was quite shocking, to say the least.
After we got married, I really thought that side of him would change, or at least, he would stop trying so hard. He had me now, right? Well, I was wrong about that, too. Jason has continued to do things that make my life easier.I realize that I have a pretty special guy. I had to wait a long time for him, and endure alot of not-so-great stuff before I met him, but he was most assuredly worth it.
We don't fight all that often, and I have a feeling, there are reasons why. One reason I just know we don't argue is because for the past two years, he and I have had seperate closets. It's not that we've intentionally tried to be seperate, it's just worked out that way. At this house, we have three closets in our room, a big walk in closet and two smaller, yet large, closets, in the bathroom. He gets those two and I get the big one. My closet has always been a disaster, always. I even have a shoe shelf in this closet and my shoes are never on it. In fact, when Jason and I first started dating, he told my parents, after having seen my closet, that he was going to take me to The Container Store so I could get my closet organized, to which we all three had a hearty laugh. He realized at that moment my closet cleanliness was probably never going to change. He never goes in my closet, now. He says it makes him anxious. And that's OK. But yesterday morning, he disappeared for about 45 minutes and came out and said, "I did something that I think might help you keep your closet organized.
This is what I found.
My clothes and jeans were organized, according to season...
My shoes were put up and organized...
and my closet was even vaccuumed.
That was amazing.
I gotta tell ya. I have a good one. I think I will keep him!

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