Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Would You Sacrifice Your Breasts to Save Your Life?

I thought it was interesting that this article popped up on my news feed today. Angelina Jolie, a woman known for her beautiful and perfect body, elected to have a double mastecomy after learning she had an 85% chance to be diagnosed with breast cancer.
Angelina Jolie mastectomy
Of course, she isn't the first celebrity to have this same surgery in the face of breast cancer. I commend them all for doing such a courageous thing.
A friend of mine recently found a lump in her breast. After visiting the doctor, they decided to proceed with a diagnostic mammogram. On Monday, she went in for it and they discovered a large mass in her breast. At this point, they aren't sure whether it's cancer or not. But Monday morning, before she went in, we were talking about how she felt about things. She and I feel the same way. If it's the choices between breast cancer and losing my breasts, BYE BYE TA-TAS. I have always been prepared to lose my breasts to save my life. I think in my 20s it would have been more difficult for me. I hadn't had children yet, I wasn't sure about breastfeeding. My breasts were a feature that made me a woman. Now, it just seems that I have a loving husband who loves me no matter what I looked like, children who depend on me, and a future that requires me to be in it. My breasts have served their purpose with my daughter, so I am prepared to see them go.
But, I have never had breast cancer. I think it's probably easy to say I would be prepared for that option, without actually knowing what it feels like to have that option presented to me. For those women out there, who knows what it feels like to either lose your breasts or lose the fight with cancer, and not feel like you are losing your identity when they go, I commend you. It seems like such a slam dunk decision to make, such an easy decision. I am sure the reality of it isn't so easy.
I thought these were pretty humorous t-shirts so I figured I'd share.
Vulgar, yet pretty funny
I know of a few people, right at this time, that are either surviving or suffering from cancers of all kinds. I just want to take a moment and recognize your strength in the face of real suffering. May God heal your body and preserve your mind and perserverance during this time of endurance you are facing.

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