Monday, May 27, 2013

Aliens Welcome - Our Weekend In Roswell!

We spent last year in Roswell for Memorial Day too! How funny. We drove down to spend a good, yet short, weekend with Jason's parents.
We finally got wise to the notion of purchasing a portable DVD player and boy, was it worth the $50. Avery literally watched it the entire time down and back. These headphones are deceiving, she only wore them for a few minutes. Luckily, I have a cord that attaches to my auxillery portal in my car, so she got to watch her movies in surround sound. We only brought the movies we as the adults liked, so we enjoyed listening to them.
Isn't my hubby the cutest?
Robert and Shari have lots of land. It's a bit dusty, but Robert always has at least a few animals and fun things for kids to do. He has dogs and chickens right now, so Avery got to get the eggs when we got there. She had no interest in me taking her picture, but I did anyway.

Those boots got some great use. Perfect shoes for getting dirty. And that's all she did. Sit outside and play in the dirt, with sticks, with pebbles. She helped Robert plant green beans and helped Daddy turn on and off the irrigation. She was a great big helper. Her favorite thing to do, though, was play in the pebbles. She would pour them on herself, on her legs, dump them from one container to another. We wouldn't have her clean two seconds to eat a meal before she was covered in dust and dirt again. She loved it.

We just hung out, really. We even watched The Grapes of Wrath last night. Never seen it. Very depressing.
I met a special someone while I was there. He was out of this world. Jason was green with envy. His name was Everett Thomas, but I just called him E.T. for short. I can't think of any more space puns, but you get the idea.
Well, onto a four day week, hopefully, we will get some more good news in a few days!

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