Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day Four Blog Challenge...

I didn't take one. single. picture. all weekend long. Bad mommy. My phone was dead, though, so I guess that's a good excuse.

We have had a crazy busy weekend. Friday night, we went to my mom and dad's and Brooke did my hair. I am back to blonde, baby! Saturday, we ran around all day. We also went to the viewing of a boy that I knew growing up. It's a very sad story, but we will just say that our friends have had to bury both of their boys within two years of each other. Both had the same condition that ended up taking them to Heaven. Their oldest was 23 when he passed and their youngest would have been 23 next month.

Today, we went to church, got a new lawnmower and weedeater on loan from a friend and then organized our garage and cut some grass. Whew. I am ready for a night of this in about 15 minutes.

Seriously, addicted to this show.

And, this week, on Friday morning at 12:01 am, we are going to see this...

AHHHH!! I have been waiting for this moment since last spring, when I read all three novels in a matter of days!

So, onto the blog challenge...

The challenge for today is to write about "a habit I wish I didn't have or something I am looking forward to."

So, I will combine them together. A habit I've had my whole life is prostrastination. This has led to many problems. One problem being money issues. I will ignore something or put it off, not realizing how hard it would be to fix later on in life. Well, this year, it's time to pay the piper. I would love to say that all of the problems we are fixing financially are a result of Jason being laid off and us both being underemployed for a while. But that would be a lie. These problems would have been easily fixed along the way, but my prostrastination is the problem behind the most of the them. So this year, I am looking forward to getting some of these monkeys off my back and taking a next step towards financial freedom and a home of our own in the very near future.

Ok, now it's on to The Walking Dead! Am I the only one watching this show?

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Jamie said...

SO many people are talking about The Walking Dead. I think I HAVE to check it out!

I struggle with procrastination, too! It doesn't make me think about money, but I feel like I'm always stressed out because I wait until the last minute to make things happen! And then I hate myself for doing that to myself. :)