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Day Eight Blog Challenge

T-Minus 15 hours (or so) until THIS

For any of you who are interested, I will absolutely give a full review of the movie tomorrow on my blog.

Ok, blog challege: "What are your short term goals this month and why?"

Well, one of my short term goals was accomplished short term goals always consist of saving money on our monthly budget. Yesterday, I saved us over $175 a month from our cell phone bill! I get GIDDY over saving money.

Basically, I've been with T-Mobile for 10 years. TEN YEARS as of February. That's a LOT of loyalty to a cell phone company. Every couple of years, or so, my bill creeps up for no apparent reason and I have to call them, complain, and they change my plan to a better plan and the bill goes down for a while. They've always been good to me about this. Also, until recently, they had good upgrades for pretty cheap. Lately, their upgrades have been terrible and they've started charging an upgrade fee. They also, recently, outsourced their customer service, which I was upset about, because their customer service was the reason I stayed so long and their willingness to always try and save me money. February, I received my bill and I was furious. My bill started out around $190 and my bill on February had grown to $270. I was so angry! I refused to pay the bill because I wanted them to help me. They'd always done this in the past and this time, they could have cared less. I was on the phone saying, "I've been with you 10 years, how are you so willing to let me cancel my contract after I've paid you tens of thousands of dollars?" Their response was "I'm sorry you feel that way, ma'am."

So, Jason and I spent the day, with our phones shut off while I sat on my principals, to try and find a different phone carrier. Guess what? They are all the same. We couldn't find another cell phone plan that would justify the cost of us canceling our contract early (which wouldn't be up until next August, 2013). So, I relunctently and begrudgingly paid my bill to get my phones turned back on and went on my way. This month, my bill was even higher. "Nope," I said, "This is ridiculous. There has got to be an answer." Well, I came across T-Mobile pre-paid plans. Apparently, pre-paid plans are becoming much more popular because of their ease and lack of fees. I pay $50 for each phone, every month, for unlimited talk, text and web. When I called to cancel my account yesterday, I asked the lady why everyone wouldn't do this? And she couldn't give me an answer. So, we switched. We kept our same phones and our same numbers.

So, short term goals??? This next month, my goal is to get one old bill paid off and to finally paint my bedroom!!


*Katy* said…
That sounds like an awesome short term goal-paying off one bill at a time.

And my son's Godmother was at the midnight showing of the Hunger Games so hopefully it was a good movie :)

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