Monday, March 26, 2012

Oooh, I just love her!!!

When we got Avery back on Sunday, I thought she looked like she grew an inch! She looks like such a little girl to me now. Her legs are getting less chunky, her hair is getting longer. Sigh.

This is her favorite "book" right now. It's got pictures of her bubba and sissy.

We are getting in to some unchartered territory right now. She is starting to get upset when she sees the kids and then they go. Thursday night, after they left, she cried and cried, "bubba!!!" Over and over. Breaks my heart!

She must have been really hungry tonight. She was standing by her dad at the fridge saying "app-ease!" (Apples and please in one word.)

Her new thing is throwing tantrums, especially when we aren't getting her food fast enough or if we say "no." She smothers her hands in her face and cries. I swear she looks like a teenager. We just laugh (without her seeing) and just ignore her.

But lately, she's just a lover and is in a mood to give lots of hugs and kisses. What a great stage!

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