Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Finding Your Balance

We are all going through a journey in our lives, each and every day. I think about all of the chapters in my past, all of the individual paths I've walked in my life and as I examine them, I realize that most of the time, the reason I struggled so deeply for so long is because I couldn't find a balance in my life. Lately, I've seen that everything in life, from handling obstacles to the choices you make, it's all part of a balance you have to find each and every day. I think God talks alot about that balance in the Bible. I think we have to balance our lives with God, our families, our work, our personal time. There has to be a balance to everything. You have to get equal to what you give, you reep what you sow, you are loved as you love, etc. These are all examples of balance. I feel very "Yin-Yang" right now, as I talk about this, but it's really, really true.

I have started to view life as a great balancing act. When something is off kilter in my life, I try to look at it and figure out what I am unconciously trying to either change or not change. When I am not happy or something feels off, it's because there is an off-balance somewhere in my life. As things happen to you, and life presents itself the way it always seems to, your balance shifts. You have to find a new balance, all the time. This is why, for example, that a diet or an exercise regime that worked for you when you were 24,  doesn't work now that you are 32 with a child and a husband and a full time job.

My balance has been getting better over the last few years. The first step for finding a balance is to realize that it even exists in your life. I think I started giving this alot of thought after I had Avery. I found that I had trouble finding my happiness in my new found roles. I loved my husband, my daughter, my family, and my friends. But it felt like I wasn't balanced and that made me very unhappy. I realized that I needed to find the time for everything. It might not be tons of time all the time, but it was time I found for each thing in my life.

Right now, the thing I am struggling with is balancing the exercise and diet into my life. The problem with me is that I will NOT wake up earlier than I already do to exercise (I already wake up at 5:30!). I won't go right after work and take time away from my child. And I know I won't consistently go after she's gone down, because I still have to clean my house and do laundry and dishes and other things around the house (and have down time!) so I have been struggling with when to fit in exercise. This morning, I figured out that I have about 20 minutes between the time Jason takes Avery to daycare and when I have to get ready for work. Luckily, Netflix now has the entire "10 Minute Solutions" DVDs on Instant Queue, so this morning I was able to fit in 10 minute kickbox bootcamp and 10 minute yoga. Hopefully, this will fit and stick!!! I also get motivated knowing that I don't have to commit an entire hour to it, only 10 minutes. I can do anything for 10 minutes!!! As far as the diet goes, I am still struggling with that one. I have yet to find a good weekly planning guide that allows our family to have easy to make, healthy meals every night of the week. I also hate fruit, so I am working on the sugary snacks that consume me.

Do any of you have any suggestions?

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