Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

We spent Christmas Eve and Day at my parents house with my whole family there. We had such a nice time! We had lots and lots and lots (and lots) of great food and goodies. One of the memories that stands out in my mind of Christmas as a kid was food. My mom was a teacher and always baked, so we always had wonderful treats in ample amounts available to us both days. And my mom and dad never said "NO!" to whatever we wanted to eat. I try and carry on the same tradition, until my 3 year old has eaten about 45 Kisses, 23 cookies, and 4 pounds of sugar. Then, I say no. :-) Oh, and my daughter swallowed a penny on Christmas Eve. We are hoping it makes its reemergence sometime today.

My mom's mantle was so pretty this year! Her entire house was pretty this year, who am I kidding???

I know this picture is sideways, but this was my childhood stocking. The woman who made this when I was little misspelled my name and this is the stocking I had until adulthood. I guess I was always destined to be Gina. Those who know that story should bust out laughing.

We played Yahtzee (I lost.)

We did some coloring

We did some Rock Band

Some of us danced and used the phone to call our agents.

We relaxed

We played in a box

The girls had a tea party with Gigi (or, root beer party, I guess)

We played a fun game Leslie brought (I lost)

We opened presents...

We smiled alot

We spent time with family

And our Barbies got a place to live!

Such a great Christmas season, now on to New Years! Thank you to both sides of my family who made this year so special for the kiddos. And thank you, God, for sending your son to us, the ultimate gift of sacrifice and love.

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