Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Christmas Tour and Nacho Libre (huh?)

To start off our Christmas tour, I thought I would share this one picture of my husband dressed up for Avery's birthday party. Unfortunately, this look didn't last long, the moustache wouldn't stick very well. I am just glad I have documented evidence that Nacho Libre came to her birthday party.
And now for the Christmas tour!! I usually don't believe in decorating before Thanksgiving, but I did this year. We were out of town for Thanksgiving, which meant I wouldn't be able to decorate until the 1st of December, and honestly, that's just not enough time. So I decorated early!!
This grouping of 3 trees is in our den, our large family area that has our fireplace and tall, 18 foot ceilings. I was going to buy a very tall tree this year, but just couldn't seem to part with $600. :-)
This wreath was one of Cindy Tamplins, she made the angels. It goes well on our fireplace. The only thing this fireplace is missing is a mantle; it's very thick lava rock, I don't even know how someone would add a mantle at this point. But I love it.

We have a bit of a Christmas lodge-y feel at our house this year.

This is my stuff I set from the tea. That white TV stand was given to me by a friend who has gifted us a lot of furniture over the years, and it now holds dishes and chargers.

How'd this munchkin get in here?

These are just five of the 14 Santas my mom and her friends have made over the years for Cindy's Tea.

This is my little baking buddy. She's cute.

I love this light but can't seem to ever get a good picture of it.

That runner was made for me by my mom-in-law and the rest of the pieces were given to be my mom . I love that table.

Our tree is pretty simple this year, no ribbon or special d├ęcor. The kids decorated this tree all by themselves, and all of the ornaments are pretty much sentimental or heirlooms.

This was one of my Christmas gifts last year.

There's that munchkin again!!


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