Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our Day At The Mall

Avery and I needed an excuse to get out of the house yesterday, so I decided we go to the mall. It's a nice way to spend the morning!!
We saw the really, really tall tree -

We even saw Santa. Avery only thought she wanted to go talk to him, she even waived from afar, but then quickly changed her mind when we got closer. I am not one of those people who make her take pictures with Santa if she doesn't want to. Maybe next year.
I do love this playground. I never feel like I have to follow her around, it's that soft foamy material and even if she fell off it's all low to the ground, so it wouldn't hurt. I just let her play and play and play and play. My daughter is always about a head taller than most all kids her age, even kids a little older than her. I always say my daughter is so tall, and people tell me, "It's OK Jenna - her parents are tall!" like I am saying she is tall because I don't like it. I love that my daughter is tall. I didn't love being tall my teenage years because I was taller than most all boys (I was never taller than Jason, even as a teen!) but as a young adult, I started to realize how much I loved being tall!!

I just can't believe we only have two weekends before we go back out of town to celebrate Christmas with Jason's family, then, it's Christmas? This year, December is rushing through way too fast.

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