Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas in San Antonio

We drove down to San Antonio this past weekend to celebrate Christmas with Jason's family. It's always an adventure being down there with 7 kids (not down there, really, just anywhere!) but it was fun. There is never a shortage of stuff for the kids to do, considering they are so busy playing. I don't think one kid said, "we're bored!"

We played a game of Indiana ball? Not sure if that's the real name. But it was fun. I think Robert and Jason just made it up - but it was a nice way to spend an hour or two!!

We opened presents...

And wee went to the cowboy church where Scotty is on staff. I do love the music at this church.

Trying to get a picture with 7 kids looking at you is nearly impossible!!

AND we got the ultimate selfie. 12 people all at once! Good job Scotty!
We had such a nice time and were so glad to spend time with family we don't see often!!

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Scotty Smith said...

what a cool family you have too... :)