Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We drove down to San Antonio last week to visit Nawnie and Poppy for Thanksgiving! Can I just say, I haven't been down to SA for a long time, and man, is it NICE! We were in the north part of town and it was so beautiful and new. It was definitely a nice place to visit, wouldn't mind going back and spending more time in all of the restaurants!!
Thanksgiving day we ate and wanted to lay around, but Nawnie wasn't having any of that. :-) We went to a really really nice local school playground and spent some time playing b-ball and chasing Avery. She found a mound of dirt and was pretty happy for a good half an hour before it was time to leave. My child, through and through.
My selfie. Ha ha.

Friday, we ended up going down to the Riverwalk. I really thought it would have been more crowded, but it didn't end up getting bad until we were ready to go.

We stopped and had some pizza. Apparently, Avery wasn't into taking pictures. I love this face, I think it's hilarious.

She loosened up, though.

Then, onto the Alamo. In front, there were some cool places to take pictures.

Every time I even think of the Alamo, all I can hear is Jan Hooks from Pee-Wees Big Adventure.

She was tuckered out!!

We had such a nice time - looking forward to seeing the other part of the family in a few weeks!!

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