Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Avery's Christmas Program!

Words can't even begin to describe how cool it is to watch a little child perform in front of an audience, even if it's not yours. But when it IS yours, it is just amazing!! I can't believe Avery is old enough to even be in a program at all - just amazing.
Well, my daughter is truly a ham and so this performance could have gone one of two ways - she could have been scared and not participated as soon as she saw all of those eyes staring at her, OR, she could have eaten up the experience like melting ice cream.
After watching, it was obviously the latter.
She began waving, no just at us, but everyone, as she was walking in front of the church to her seat, as if to say, "Thank you for coming to watch ME sing!!" This was before they even got on stage to sing. On stage, she smiled and waved. She did motions, not always on time, but she did them. It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. (Maybe she'll grow up and get married on a stage in a theater like her mommy did.)
"J!" to the "O!" to the "Y!"

Of course, Gigi and Pops had to come and got such a kick out of the whole thing.

Silly girl.


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