Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Activities

This weekend, we literally were going, going, going all weekend long. This next weekend will be like that as well, I think.

Friday night, we took the kids to the Airhogs game. It was pirate night!

Avery did NOT want to put her head in that thing.

Everyone got a drink and one thing of "junk food" that they wanted. Avery got to eat everything, because she is just that special.

Saturday, Jason and I split up because Jordan had a party at Cosmic Jump. We decided that Avery would have great fun there and that Sophia and I would go do something fun together.
I think Avery LOOOVVEEDDD it. Jason had a hard time getting good pictures, though.

Sophia and I love to go garage sale shopping together. I really like taking her with me, she is great fun! So we did that in the morning and in the afternoon, it was roller skating at Forum Roller World!
I was actually quite impressed at how well it's been kept up over the years. It's not run down on the inside at all, but it still had that same "feel" as it did when we were kids!

I really love hanging out with Sophia. She is really easy going and will try anything. She didn't want to leave for hours. I had fun too, I forgot how much fun it is to just skate and listen to music and be free! She fell down alot in the beginning. I kept asking her if she wanted to leave, to which she would shout a loud "NO! I never give up!" And she didn't. Pretty soon, we was flying around the floor doing jumps!

We spent the rest of the weekend having people over. Great times!!!

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