Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Opinion for the Day

I read this article and it just annoys me to death.

So, this 15 year old kid played Call of Duty for 4 days straight, only to stop occasionally for snacks and a shower. He collapsed after being dehydrated on his way to visit his aunt, when he finally stopped playing the video game.

Ok, look. I am not against video games, don't get me wrong. I think there are several out there that are really cool and have their place. But this still falls under the "parental supervision" thing that parents just don't bother to do much of anymore.

We have one gaming system and it's a Wii. We use it mainly to stream Netflix, however, we do have a few games. Our Wii stays in our living room and it does for three reasons. 1) Because we stream Netflix. 2) Because it belongs to the whole family and not just Jordan, who would use it more than anyone. 3) If Jordan had it in his room, he would literally stay in there the whole weekend he came and we wouldn't see him once, not even to eat.

Now, he doesn't get to play Wii a whole lot. I don't like that the living room TV is taken up for hours at a time for one kid to play video games. So, usually, he has to play it for a short period, about an hour maybe, and he has to compromise by allowing his sister to play occasionally as well. Sometimes Jason will play. But we don't play video games for long periods at our house. I see how addictive it is to men and boys, especially. I can see the appeal of playing it hour after hour. I personally think you should have to use your brain to entertain yourself with imagination or to play outside, not sit inside all day and play video games. Now, we do have the TV on alot, not that we watch it all the time. It's something we should turn off alot more often. But Avery watches TV in our living room or our room as well, with us in there the whole time. We watch it WITH her and talk about the shapes and songs and things they say. As far as Sophia goes, she is addicted to playing on the phone constantly. Every time she gets in the car, it's "can I play on your phone?" I purposely don't put games on my phone. Call me old fashioned, but I don't think you need to be entertained the entire five minutes we are on the way to church. Maybe I am just old, but I feel like, "we didn't get entertained with a phone when we were kids, why do you have to be?" Ha ha.

Does it bother anyone else? In your house, what are your "electronics" rules?

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