Sunday, August 12, 2012

Colbi and Avery

We got to hang out with Colbi (and Brooke and Dave :-) ) on Saturday.

Such a beautiful girl!

She has been growing and is really alert now that she is a few weeks old. I love it when they start to really open their eyes and be aware of the world around them!

Avery was more interested in Colbi this time around. Kind of. Once she starts being more active and can move around here in the next few months, I have a feeling she will really start to love hanging out with her.

Her uncle Dave loves her so much, for real. And she knows it, cause when she wants food, he's the first one she goes to. Especially junk food. Yep, Dave, I am talking to you.

She followed him into his closet and kept coming out and modeling shoes she'd tried on.

Out she comes with the boots!!

And in other news, we got an email from the kids' mom that Sophia got her ears pierced Friday! (Or as my Pappaw called it, her "eaws peawsed" (those of us in our family know exactly how my Pappaw pronounced that.)

The weekend is almost over. And I am sad. Have a good week, everybody!

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