Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Show Us Your Bathrooms!

show us your house

When we moved into this rent house, we got an amazing deal in rent from some friends of ours. We are living here while we pay off debt and get ready to buy a house (someday!) Obviously, in rental homes, there are things that aren't always the way you would have them. In this house, there are a few. For starters, this house was built in the 1950's and little has been done to it since. It has alot of potential, but I wouldn't dream of doing anything to it, as it was the owners childhood home. Apparently in the 50's, it was standard for homes to only have one full bath. Our house only has one full bath and a half bath in the master bedroom. This was really, really annoying when we first moved in. The bathroom in the master bedroom was stark white and just plain blah. Honestly, I hated using it unless I really had to. Both of the bathrooms had light fixtures that had the ONLY plug in them. That's right. Can you imagine?? Only one plug in the whole bathroom and it's in the light fixture??

Let me show you what I mean.

And it was pretty dingy at that.

Could you imagine only having that one teeny tiny little plug? It doesn't even have a grounder outlet, meaning I can't plug my hairdryer in it. For a long time, I just did my hair in my room, because not only could I not plug in my hair stuff, but I had no counter space to put it on, anyway.

See? Stark white, a commode, and a stand alone sink. That was about it!

It also had this lone window to the backyard, with this ugly yellow gingham curtains, which have been removed when I took this picture.

Now. This bathroom had a few things going for it. For starters, it looks like it has beadboard on the bottom half of the whole bathroom, which is actually really cool. Secondly, the sink and toilet were brand new and had new silver fixtures. Lastly, the window has a really pretty view. So, I knew I could do something to it.

I received a full gallon of gray paint from work after they redid it. They had four extra gallons that they were going to dispose of, and my boss asked if I wanted it. I also somehow had a while shelf and some extra pieces of artwork that I wasn't doing anything with. My goal was to redo the bathroom for $0. I think I did a pretty good job!

This bathroom has become my own personal bathroom. I have a shelf I painted black, which has all of my perfume, lotion, and face care products on it.

I spray painted the light fixture silver and it looks brand new.

I even found a semi-reasonable solution to my hairdryer issue.


And this...

became these!

The window just got some new (old) curtains that were trimmed and hemmed...

All in all, I am very happy with it. It's a really great place to go and get ready!

And to show you how awesome our other bathroom is, you must appreciate it yourself. I actually think it's kind of cool, in a weird, retro way. Oh yeah. It's pink and black tile. All...

the way...


And the Pièce de résistance...

So, those are my humble, little bathrooms, I hope you enjoy!

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