Monday, July 30, 2012

Manic Monday

So, Avery is just, so big.

Terrible picture, I know. But her hair is getting so long too!

Jason and I are trying our best to keep teaching her new words and things she doesn't know. Right now, she is using two words pretty consistently. Tonight, she surprised me when she told the dogs to "go away." Whenever she is eating, they just follow her around or sit by her chair and wait for her to drop food. Lately, Molly has been getting brave and just taking it right out of her hand. So tonight, she just said "Go away!" Pretty funny.

She is definitely beginning to use three word phrases as well. "Help you mommy" (which means help ME mommy). "Pops come here" stuff like that. So pretty much anything where she directs other people on what to do. Bossy little thing! We are working on her writing her name, recognizing letters, counting to 20, colors, stuff like that. NOT that she can do any of that yet, but hey, never hurts to try! We are trying to correct words she says incorrectly or point out new things she doesn't know. She just loves to learn, so we are trying to keep up! She is learning how to spit when she brushes her teeth. She is learning to be patient (not effectively, but hey.) She is also getting to the point where she is annoying her older sister. Good job, Avery. That's what you are supposed to do as a little sister.

I think this weekend, we will get a potty. Zoinks.

Thursday is the day we've decided to meet with Brooke, Dave and Colbi. I wanted to make sure I was totally and completely well before I was in her presence again! We are pretty excited. Gigi and Pops will be there, so that should be interesting. I have a feeling she will be like her deal ole' mother, when the twins come along. My grandfather's favorite story to tell me about when my sisters were babies was that I took his hand, led him to a bedroom and closed the door and said, "OK Pappaw, NO BABIES IN HERE!" I have a feeling Little Miss Priss is going to be similiar.

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Brooklynn said...

Yay Thursday!!!! I think she will have a harder time with Gigi holding another baby........we should take bets! Lol. She is getting big, and looks just like you!