Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Musically Talented Girls

Sophia and Avery are both pretty interested in music. Sophia loves to sing and so does Avery. Avery also loves to bang on the drums from Rock Band. And now, we have a new instrument in our house.

This piano has been at my mom's house since I was at least 7 or so? I remember taking lessons at a pretty young age. Before that, it was my Mimi's. Now, it's mine. I am so proud that I have this family heirloom to pass down. It does need some tuning, but it's still so pretty.

Mom let Avery and Sophia play on it and they just LOVE it. Avery will say "sit down!" then when you sit down she says "Sing!" (Have I mentioned how incredibly BOSSY she's become lately?)

I would love to have Sophia take lessons, but she doesn't have a piano at her mom's house to practice on. Hopefully Avery will take lessons someday.

On Saturday, we played Rock Band. We had to get this shot because it was so cute.

Happy Tuesday to you!

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