Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Working From Home - An Update

So, this starts the third week of working from home while we have the kids. Working from home is much more challenging than I thought, I mean, at least while the kids are here. It's hard for them to understand that even though we are here, we are still working and have jobs to do and we can't play. We can't take them anywhere unless that place has WiFi so we can continue doing what we need to do - I tried taking them to the library, but their connection is pretty bad. We can't take Avery swimming because we can't be in the pool with her. The kids are bored. I feel bad for them. I mean, I know summer is supposed to be boring sometimes - I certainly felt bored during summer sometimes - but not every day.
Do any working from home parents out there have ideas on how you handle being home with kids during the day and have them be entertained while you can continue working? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I certainly don't want to complain, we appreciate being able to be home with them, for sure. We just still have three more weeks to go and I would love to make it a little more fun!!

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